To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell

I've again completed another book by one of my favourite author, Jill Mansell. It's her latest book, To The Monn And Back :) It's a book about loss, friendship, love and moving on :) If you like P.S I Love You, then i know that this is a book for YOU! :)

Let me tell you what it's about :)

Ellie Kendall loses her husband in a accident and she feels like her life is over. However, she's now ready to move on and get on with her life. First priority is work! She told herself thats eh doesn't need a new man when she has a certain secret visitor to keep her company...

At work, Zack McLaren who seem to have it all, can't seem to get Ellie to give him a second glance or at least give him the same attention she gives his dog.

Ellie meets neighbour Roo when she moved to North London, who has a secret of her own too. And Ellie's best friend, Todd is trying to win Roo's heart over but the sudden change in Roo's life principles is not making things any easier for him.

So you think they can sort their lives out or is guilt too powerful an emotion to get over with?

This book reminded me of P.S I Love You :) it's about a girl overcoming her loss of her husband. Instead of her husband writing her letters to help her move on, Ellie watches their honeymoon videos, look through photo albums of her past life and sometimes uses her imagination to help her move on, that is, pretending that she's having a conversation with him as if he had never left. ( I remember reading and imagining her loss and pain...nobody wants to lose the person who mean the world them )

Nevetheless, it's a heartfelt novel that is written in such a way that its so close to reality, that anyone can relate to. So pick it up at your nearest bookstore and give it a read :)

Till my next post, happy reading :)

P.S: if you're a helpless romantic and emotional person like me, i suggest a box of tissue beside you when you read it :) don't want to cause a flood in your area :p

Shout Out!!

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