A Night with the Society Playboy, Ally Blake

Out of all the birthday pressies Simon gave me (romance novels and some other stuffs ;) just for me to know) , i've read one of it. It's called A Night With The Society Playboy by Ally Blake :)

It's a new author am trying out and she writes beautifully :) i could feel every breath, every touch, every sense the characters in the novel are feeling :) the hurt, the love, the happiness, the determination, you name it, i felt it in this novel :) well with the help of my crazy imagination too :) (lol if you do know me, i can imagine things pretty well and quickly, if you describe something, my brain would just go click, click click!)

Anyway, what am trying to say is is a good book :) provided you like romance novels that is :p I was hooked from the first page itself :) and the ending was *sigh* it made me cry :) lol not every romance novel can do that to me, even with my crazy imagination :p but this...she (the author ofcourse) ended the novel beautifully :)

Well, before i keep going on and on about it :) let me tell you what the novel is about so you can decide if the story is your kinda romance story :D (lol :) everyone has a type, including the type of romance story you like :) ) So here it is:

Its about this girl, Ava and this boy, Caleb. (lol ofcourse its a girl and boy, who else could it be? :p lol) anyway, they both grew up together as teenagers :) And in one night, their friendship got more than that :) but Ava has to leave to persue her dreams the next day. Caleb tried to stopped her or atleast tried to convince her to stay but he went home alone as the distance between them grew and grew. That's right, she left.

10 years later, she came back to attend her brother, Damien's wedding. Now here's where things start to get exciting :) Caleb is Damien's best friend and bestman too, the both met each other and caught up with each other's life again, after 10 years! :) Even after all those years, Caleb still wants her and maybe loves her and she still wants him...but when its time for Ava to leave again, will Caleb be able to make her stay or will he lose her all over again?... :)

Well i don't wanna spoil the story for you :) Have a read and you know, i've paste the link below if you wish you give it a read :) if it can make me smile, cry or atleast inspired to write about it in my blog, it means this book is something ;) Should give it a chance and read it :) and then get back to me on what you think :)

Till then, happy reading :)

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