Do You Come Here Often by Alexandra Potter

Here's another book i've read, it's called Do You Come Here Often? by Alexandra Potter :) I enjoyed every part of it, from the start, to the ups and downs of each character, the plot, the twist and the end is all magical...ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL!!! So what could be more better than to share it with YOU :)

This is the synopsis on the cover:

Grace got her heart broken by Jimi when they where teenager and now she's happily engaged to her fiance Spencer. However, that is all there is to it. No wedding bells yet. On the other side, Jimi's own wedding day is coming and he has found the one but something doesn't feel right after he has bump into Grace again.

It seems like there could be something more going on between their relationship. But the question is, is it worth risking everything they have?

This story to me it's about, friendship, true love and faith. The story is written very well to the point that i could feel all the characters' feelings and somehow more in the main character that is, Grace.

I followed her every step of the way. From her childhood, to her adult life, to her disappointments, her happiness, her hurt, her achievement and lastly of course, being loved. (don't get me wrong, :) it's not draggy, it's written in such a way you feel like you've known the characters your whole life) This book is definitely a page turner. I had moments having a smile on my face when Grace is happy and also moments of troubled, worried, sad, disappointment and hurt.

This story also tells me about faith, that whatever that is going to happen, WILL happen! You would just know it when you meet the right person, no doubt about it. But gotta remember, timing is everything and if you missed it, you are DEAD lucky if you had a second chance. And if you do, DON'T SCREW IT UP! That's what happen in this story. I don't wanna give the whole thing away but it's a nice and enjoyable book to read :) (if you like romance and you believe in soul mates) ;)

Happy reading :)



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