It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson

Hey dear readers :) I’ve just finished another book! This time I explored a new author and she didn’t let me down one bit!  Plus, if you’re a Jill Mansell or Sophie Kinsella fan (which I am) then this book would surely capture your attention because it surely did captured mine :)

This book was AWESOME! After finished reading it, I was SO excited by the story that I couldn’t contain myself and HAD to write this post IMMEDIATELY! (that’s how good and captivating it is!) And I recommend YOU to read it for this holiday season :) (honestly, it is perfect for this time of the year)

The book is called It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson. I’m not sure if you’ve read this but if you do, feel free to share your thoughts with me about the book and if you haven’t read it, YOU SO GOTTA READ IT! That is how AWESOME it is :p It was a rollercoaster ride when I read the book, just when I thought the story is at its climax, the author blew me away with a twist! :D It was AMAZING!

Anyway, here’s what written at the back of the book:

Sometimes love happens when you least expect it…As the singer in a wedding band, Romily Parker has seen her fair share of happy endings, even though her own love life isn’t quite as simple.

On the last Saturday before Christmas, shortly after disastrously declaring her love for best friend Charlie, Romily has a brief encounter with a handsome stranger whose heart-stopping kiss changes everything.

Determined to find him again, Romily embarks on a year-long quest, helped (and sometimes hindered) by enthusiastic Uncle Dudley, cake-making Auntie Mags and flamboyant Wren. Will she find the man of her dreams? Or could true love be closer than she thinks?

So has the synopsis interest you yet? :p It sure did to me! :)

After reading this book, it gave me the strength to ALWAYS follow my heart, staying true to myself and chase my dreams. After all we only live once right?! :p And you’ll be surprise how things work out just the way you want them to when you stop and listen to your heart :) moreover, you get to say “at least I’ve tried” and not wondering about the “what if’s”. Trust me on this following your heart thing, it’s really GREAT! (speaking from experience ;) living live with no regrets, lol well maybe a few but at least I’ve tried ).

Anyhoooo, happy reading and happy holidays my readers! :D CHEERS!

To the Moon and Back by Jill Mansell

I've again completed another book by one of my favourite author, Jill Mansell. It's her latest book, To The Monn And Back :) It's a book about loss, friendship, love and moving on :) If you like P.S I Love You, then i know that this is a book for YOU! :)

Let me tell you what it's about :)

Ellie Kendall loses her husband in a accident and she feels like her life is over. However, she's now ready to move on and get on with her life. First priority is work! She told herself thats eh doesn't need a new man when she has a certain secret visitor to keep her company...

At work, Zack McLaren who seem to have it all, can't seem to get Ellie to give him a second glance or at least give him the same attention she gives his dog.

Ellie meets neighbour Roo when she moved to North London, who has a secret of her own too. And Ellie's best friend, Todd is trying to win Roo's heart over but the sudden change in Roo's life principles is not making things any easier for him.

So you think they can sort their lives out or is guilt too powerful an emotion to get over with?

This book reminded me of P.S I Love You :) it's about a girl overcoming her loss of her husband. Instead of her husband writing her letters to help her move on, Ellie watches their honeymoon videos, look through photo albums of her past life and sometimes uses her imagination to help her move on, that is, pretending that she's having a conversation with him as if he had never left. ( I remember reading and imagining her loss and pain...nobody wants to lose the person who mean the world them )

Nevetheless, it's a heartfelt novel that is written in such a way that its so close to reality, that anyone can relate to. So pick it up at your nearest bookstore and give it a read :)

Till my next post, happy reading :)

P.S: if you're a helpless romantic and emotional person like me, i suggest a box of tissue beside you when you read it :) don't want to cause a flood in your area :p

Timbaland - Shock value 2

While it’s not exactly been languishing in development hell, Timbaland’s sequel to 2007’s starry Shock Value – which saw the likes of 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Fall Out Boy, The Hives and even Elton John collaborate with the accolade-laden producer – has nevertheless seen its release date shunted and shunted until now. And a year-end emergence doesn’t bode well, pre-listen. Few artists unleash their newest wares in December, knowing full well they’re sure to be swallowed by the flood of festive specials and list-topping recommendations. It’s usually a case of damage limitation, labels hoping critical types have already clocked off for Christmas.

The first thing to note here is how the quality of guests has rather dropped since Timbaland’s last solo venture - furtadoand timberlake  return, but both are long-term associates of the man born Tim Mosley. RnB star brandy appears in her rap guise Bran’ Nu, but elsewhere the credibility tumbles to unforeseen lows. The frays spot on Undertow turns the piece into a slushy Keane-echoing nightmare of sugary excess; teeny popper jo jo– she scored a worldwide hit in 2004 with Leave (Get Out) – shrieks her way through Lose Control like Christina Aguilera having a temper tantrum; and the presence of Nickelback’s chad kroeger alone is enough to have many a recipient of this disc scratching it up straight out the box, if only to prevent any stranger picking it up from the second-hand racks.
Its not all bad though, and their maybe be one or two you might like.

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Jessie J - Who you are

It’s all well and good having a multi-octave voice, but without control it’s an accident waiting to happen. Jessie J – born Jessica Cornish in Redbridge – rushes up and down her scales on this anticipated debut album; but there’s more than one occasion where her fluctuating pitch is a pain in the ear.

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Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

In this day and age most artists are other artists: their lyrics someone else's clichés, their careers an imitation, their passions a mere reference. Not Kanye West – well, at least not now. For in a genre whose death is declared on a regular basis, West has become three things: interesting, innovative and utterly, utterly mad.

Of course, some of this supposed insanity is nothing but self-mocking egomania. However, it's a darker form of self-deprecating madness which drives the majority of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – the kind that only comes from losing love, experiencing death and being branded as the "abomination of Obama's nation" as he insists on the brilliantly pompous Power, right before contemplating suicide. One thing's for sure, dark days have been had.

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B.E.P - The Beginning

The dramatic, internet-fuelled crash in record sales has done weird things to pop. In decades passed, a gigantic global hit like previous Black Eyed Peas album the end would infuse the mastermind behind it with a megalomaniac confidence, leading him to make the next album into a self-indulgent art statement that would either be masterpiece or brazen folly. But times have changed, and the main thing that The Beginning reminds us is that William Adams, aka, led a self-consciously right-on, Fugees-lite, version of The Black Eyed Peas for eight years before hiring a singing blonde and grabbing a hit with the bland platitudes of Where is the Love?.

Therefore, and presumably with fear of past failure never far away, Will and company have followed monstrous success with an album that sounds like 2009’s Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling megahits got fed into a new software program that breaks songs into robot parts and reassembles them into infinite copies made slightly different by tiny details – a chic sample here, a kc and the sunshine band melody there, a tweak of the ubiquitous auto-tuner everywhere. The Beginning is a depressing listen, not because the music’s that bad, but because it implies that even the most successful pop producer on the planet can’t afford to indulge in anything that might be construed as intelligent or interesting, lest the masses run away screaming in terror. It betrays a contempt for its audience, and disquietingly low levels of self-belief on the part of corporate American pop.

You want details? Okay. Twelve songs called things like Don’t Stop the Party, Just Can’t Get Enough and… Lord help us… Love You Long Time. Beats shamelessly purloined from five-year-old electro-house tunes. An entire lyric sheet consisting of lines about being in clubs cribbed from older, cooler records. Fergie increasingly reduced to an Auto-Tuned vocal effect. The bit from Dirty Dancing in pre-ordained chart hit The Time (Dirty Bit) which sounds like cheeky pop hooliganism until you listen to the album and realise that BEP are not being ironic. Dirty Dancing fits the audience demographic, pure and simple. And one suspects that if someone at the label told them that black lace and The Birdie Song were the nostalgic faves of American Idol fans, Will would be hooking those babies up to something the chemical brothers left in a skip before you could say, "But wasn’t Boom Boom Pow actually quite brilliant?"

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Beyonce - I am sasha fierce

In a world ruled by downloads perhaps the flow of tracklistings, once pored over for hours by record labels, isn't that important any more. It's certainly not to Beyonce who, on this, her third solo album, has spread 11 songs over two discs in order to create a 'concept'. Double albums usually make us pull an ugly face (Back To Basics, anyone?) but we guess at least this has a point, almost.

Let's explain. For this album Beyonce has split her personality into two. Disc 1, labelled 'I Am', reveals the 'real' Beyonce behind the makeup, baring her soul with insecurities about love. The simple, If I Were A Boy, is ably joined by the very strange, but wonderful Ave Maria and Ryan Tedder's Bleeding Love-lite, Halo. Unfortunately when faced with six ballads in a row, you might find yourself dropping off into a deep slumber, no matter how good they are.

You'll wake up sharpish though when it's time for disc 2, as Beyonce is gone, replaced by the hilariously monikered Sasha Fierce. Sasha is B's on-stage personality and the hair flicking, stiletto strutting beats of Diva with it's dictionary defining ''diva is the female version of a hustler'' prove it. Yet though the electro pounding of Sweet Dreams or the wild Radio might be standouts here, there's nothing that announces Beyonce's experimental side like the raging Ring The Alarm from B'Day

An attempt no doubt for credibility and importance, I Am ... Sasha Fierce ultimately falls short of this goal. In a world where Rihanna seems to have released hit after hit, Beyonce, although the superior on-stage performer, needs to come back with something stronger than this if she wants to steal her sparkly crown back off the young pretender.

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Akon - Freedom

If we're talking Marmite popstars, Akon is probably at the top of the pile. If you can stand his slightly squawky voice then you're in luck. But if not, songs like Smack That probably have you reaching for the fast forward button. One thing's for certain, though: the absolute quality of his songwriting and production, with the 'Konvict' sound stamping hits like Darkchild did back in the 1990s.

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Top 100 Masterpieces of Classical Music from 1685 to 1928

There is no way to review this album as it has many artists, but put simply this is the greatest classical album you`ll ever hear and quite possibly the only one you`ll ever want or need.

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Adele 19

It's easy to get the wrong impression about Adele. She looks like another Kate Nash, all Top Shop dresses and haircuts that only a mother could love. And the fact that she's been a fuss on MySpace for a while only ups the sense of trepidation. Add to that a Later… debut which came filled to the brim with nervous caterwauling, and hopes for her album aren't pitched particularly high.

This is why it's such a shock that it's a genuinely touching, maturely considered and brilliantly sung opus that belies her titular age. Listening to it for the first time is the aural equivalent of walking into one of those oh-so-quirky little bars that you expect to be filled with bland scenesters and discovering that everyone within is friendly and they're serving the finest soul food to fill you up with.
Adele is that soul food and her music will fill you up with delight.

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Adele 21

One of the few real beneficiaries of The X Factor effect – her version of dylans Make You Feel My Love has been darting about the top 40 since the audition rounds, showing more staying power than poor joe mcelderry`s last two singles combined – Adele’s stock has risen significantly since becoming the first recipient of the Brits Critics’ Choice award. Since then she’s picked up Grammys and broken the States as a bonus, so the pressure was clearly on for her next move to deliver big. And, oh my, with 21 doesn’t she just.

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Jamie Oliver's Sizzling Portobello Mushroom

This is another easy-p-sy recipe that you can try :) It's also done by the famous Jamie Oliver, Sizzling Portobello Mushroom :)

It's juicy, cheesy and oh so yummy! The mushrooms are not dry at all even after coming out from the oven :) Remembering the smell its...heavenly~

Okie, let's get down to business :)

* 4 serving
** measurements can be altered to your preference

4               Large-flat Portobello mushrooms (stalks removed)
2 cloves    Garlic
1/2            fresh red chilli
2sprigs      fresh parsley
1/2            lemon
70g           Cheddar cheese (grated)
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper

Trim the stalks of he mushrooms and place the mushrooms stalk side up in a small earthenware dish that they fit into snugly. Then, crush ½ an unpeeled clove of garlic over each mushroom. Next, finely chop ½ a red chilli and a couple of parsley sprigs, and divide them between the mushrooms. Grate the zest of ½ a lemon over the mushrooms and drizzle them well with olive oil and season.

You're almost done now, cut the Cheddar into four chunks and pop one on each mushroom. (just imagine,  when it's melt over the mushrooms...hmmmmm) 

Finally, place it on the top level of the oven  for 9 to 10 mins at about 150C/300F, or until the cheese turns golden.

Then, it's chao time!

Check out more about this recipe and others on the link below:

Enjoy the mushrooms ;)


Jamie Oliver's Steak Sarnie a.k.a Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Today's post, i would like to share Jamie Oliver's "ULTIMATE" steak sandwich, that is, Steak Sarnie. Just from the look of the sandwich, you KNOW that your tummy would be VERY satisfied.

So without delaying any further, here's the recipe:
* 4 Portions
** all measurements can be adjusted to your taste

1 loaf    Ciabatta
600g     Rump Steak (best quality)
1 pack  Fresh Rocket
Handful jarred peppers/bell pepper (finely chopped)
Fresh Thyme (pick leaves)

Fresh flat-leaf parsley (finely chopped)
Horseradish sauce (for serving)
Salt & Pepper (seasoning)
Olive oil

Put the steaks on a chopping board. Season it with salt and pepper. Then, pick and scatter thyme leaves over the meat and drizzle the meat with olive oil. Next, rub the flavours into the meat. Flip it over on the other side and repeat the same thing.

After that, pound the steaks once or twice with your fists to flatten them a little, then put them onto a VERY-hot griddle pan to cook for 1 to 2 minutes on each side for medium rare (you can cook it longer to your prefered doneness). Refer to the picture below to know the doneness of your choice:

While the steak is on the pan, finely chop the peppers. Right about this time, the steak would have been done, so move it onto a clean chopping  board, drizzle with olive oil and let it rest a while or in other words let the juice of the steak to flow out onto the board.

Next, finely chop a few parsley leaves. Now, move the rested meat aside of the board, mix the chopped peppers and parsleys together with the juice of the steak. Put the mixed to one side and slice the steak at an angle.

Get the ciabatta and slice it open. Drizzle with olive oil, spread some horseradish over it, then arrange the rocket leaves on one half. On the other half of the ciabatta, lay the steak slices. Then, gather the mixed and all its juicy goodness and placed it over the meat

Lastly, fold it up and happy eating :)

If you want to get the recipe and other stuff to go with the sandwich, check this link out:

Till next one, get that tummy filled up :)



The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is.

Rating 7.8/10


I saw the finished movie at the screening before the wrap party. The movie works on every level. The Characters, the animation, the story, the score, the romance, and it's all very cute as well (in a way Disney can apparently still pull off).

The one thing that I didn't get into was the songs (Except maybe the "Mother Knows Best" reprise). They were a little weak melodically and you won't be singing them for weeks like I do "Part of Your World" every time I watch the "Little Mermaid." However, the songs are good enough not to bring the movie down. There are so many touching scenes in this movie and you will love all of the characters by the end and have an amazing time in the process.

It is definitely worth seeing in the theater, as this is probably the prettiest computer animated movie I've seen. I just can't wait to see it in stereo!

(BTW, I'm a 30 year old male who grew up with Disney. And I feel like I'm being objective when I say this movie works as a movie and not as a movie exclusively for 10 year old girls.)

Written by Jared M Johnson


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A newbie guard for an armored truck company is coerced by his veteran coworkers to steal a truck containing $42 million. But a wrinkle in their supposedly foolproof plan divides the group, leading to a potentially deadly resolution.

Rating 5.6/10


I'm not here to tell you "Armored" is Kubrickian, Hitchcockian or Fellini-esquire. Nope. Referenced directors are more like Don Siegel ("Charlie Varrick") and Walter Hill ("The Warriors"). Those two helmers didn't fool around with niceties like putting women in their movies. No skirts need apply. They unapologetically made guy movies. Guns, lots of guns. Men met violent death with a twitch of the jaw. Their movies were like a sap to the head. You want a friend? Get a dog.

"Armored" is so a guy movie. Dueling armored trucks? Bloody gunshot wounds? Exploding money? If that doesn't get the lizard part of your brain excited, then stay away.

At 88 minutes, "Armored" is all muscle without an ounce of fat. We meet six security guards who drive armored trucks, three per truck. The six, led by Matt Dillon, scheme up a fake hijack involving two trucks. Their mission one day is to deliver $42 million from the federal reserve (I think). The idea is to drive both trucks to a warehouse, stash the cash, then stage a hijack. Sure, the cops will suspect them, but if they stick together they'll get through it.

Trouble is, one of the six, played by Columbus Short, is a holdout. At first. But he faces eviction. And he's the guardian for his messed up younger brother. He needs cash bad.

Matt Dillon cajoles, pleads, persuades the holdout. No blood on anyone's hands. A clean getaway. All good, no bad. You'll be rich forever. Blue skies smiling at you ...


Everything goes to hell, of course. It's one damned thing after another and the stakes keep going up. And it almost all happens claustrophobically inside an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Los Angeles. In fact, the movie goes out of its way to project a backdrop of industrial urban decay. I happen to like industrial urban decay.

Kudos to Matt Dillon, who plays the top bad dog. He goes from charming to disappointed to frustrated to outraged to totally effing insane in the course of the movie. Love that guy.

Also, credit is due to the menacing, throbbing, blistering and totally sinister electronic soundtrack by John Murphy. I am guessing he's heard a few Tangerine Dream records.

Also, it's surprising that this is a PG-13 movie. I caught one — one! —f-bomb in this entire movie about violent tough-guy robbers. On some level, I like that. Take the kids.

The director is Nimrod Antal, a Hungarian who made a fine noir set in the Budapest subway system called "Kontroll." Screenwriter is an out-of-nowhere guy called James V. Simpson.

A lot of the people in this movie are just starting out. I am willing to bet the esteem given to this movie will rise as time goes on and these filmmakers advance in their careers.

Written by dave-sturm


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Easy as Pie: Gordon Ramsay's Shepherd's Pie

Today's recipe is Shepherd's Pie by the famous, Chef Gordon Ramsay. If you love mash potatoes and meat, then THIS is the dish for YOU! :)

This is the easiest recipe to follow :)
** all measurements can be adjusted according to your preference :) So taste as you go as always :)

The Filling:

2 tbsp       Olive Oil
1/2Kg       Mince Lamb or Beef (your choice)
1               Large Onion (grated)
1               Large Carrot (grated)
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Thyme
1-4 cloves Garlic (finely chopped)
salt & pepper
Worcestershire Sauce (several splash)
1               small can of tomato puree or paste
Red Wine (several splash)
1/4 cup      Chicken stock

Pour Olive Oil into a hot large pan, then add the meat. Stir meat for a few minutes until it’s nice and brown, and broken into very small pieces. Add Rosemary, Thyme, and Garlic, then stir some more. Then add  Carrot, and Onion and continue stirring till everything is mixed well. Next, add Worcestershire Sauce, stir, add Tomato Puree, stir, add Red Wine and sweat it down for a minute or two. After, add the stock and cook for 3 more minutes.

The Mash:
1/2Kg        Golden potatoes
1/4 cup       Heavy Cream
3-4 tbsp     Butter
salt & pepper
2                Egg yolks
1/4 cups     Parmesan cheese

Start this before your filling. Boil some water, throw some salt and your potatoes in, and set a timer for about 15 minutes. When the timer goes off, take your potatoes out and strain the water off. Put potatoes back into the pan, or into a medium mixing bowl. Mash the potatoes with their ingredients from above and keep warm. At this point your filling would have been done too.

Final Step:
Scoop your meat mixture into a deep casserole or other oven safe dish and then spoon the mash over the top. Spread the mash over the top of the mix with the bottom of the spoon or using a spatula and then sprinkle a generous portion of Parmesan cheese over the top. Poke the top with a fork several times to give it a peaked or spiky look and stick it in the oven at 200C/400F for about 18-20 minutes to brown the potatoes and set the pie. Once done, serve it up and voila!

Below is a video that would be useful when you're planning on making this dish :)

If you want to have a copy of this recipe, you can check out the link below:

Happy cooking :)


Bad meets Evil

Eminem`s back with a brand new album!!!
Bad meets evil (eminem & royce da 59) team up once again to bring you the best rap you`ll hear this decade.

Rating 10/10

Album Download

Ninja Assassin

A young ninja turns his back on the orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan.

Rating 6.3/10


This is by far the best ninja movie I have seen.

Right from the very beginning this movie is up in fast pace, action-filled and soaking in blood. There is a lot of bloodshed in this martial arts fest.

The story of the movie is good and keeps going at a good pace, so you never feel bored. Of course the story is straight forward and have no surprise twists to the plot - but an action movie of this caliber doesn't need plot twists.

The martial arts choreography and fighting scenes are brilliant, fast and hard punching. There are lots of really cool weapons being used in the movie as well.

There is just one bad thing to the movie, and that is why would an ancient clan of Japanese ninjas speak English? It makes no sense, as Japanese people are bound to traditions. But of course, I suppose this is kept in English to reach a wider audience. But had they actually done it in Japanese, there would be a much more wholesome feel to the movie. And also, again why would a Japanese clan take in non-Japanese children and train as ninjas?

Anyway, the cast of the movie is good, and it is refreshing to see new faces to the martial arts scene. The dialogue is straight to the point, no clumsy, half-hearted dialogue going on here, which also helps the movie to keep going.

So if you like ninja movies and action movies, this is definitely a movie you cannot allow to miss out on. Top notch action from beginning till end. But do take notice that there is a lot of blood in this movie!

Written by Paul Haakonsen


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

After seeking to live a normal life, Logan sets out to avenge the death of his girlfriend by undergoing the mutant Weapon X program and becoming Wolverine.

Rating 6.7/10


This film was slated to be a blockbuster film, and it really is. This is the type of movie that is made to eat popcorn to and watch the flashy graphics. With that in mind, the movie delivers, perhaps not as well as the ultra flashy Iron Man, but well enough. Outside of the popcorn munching action and special effects, the film drops off of the cliff faster than Wile E. Coyote.

Many viewers, myself included, will complain about how most of the characters were severely altered, but that only makes the film a poor adaptation, not a poor film. This film is unsatisfactory for other reasons. The makers focused more on making it appealing to the eye than they did to the mind. The characters that have been long awaited and promoted are reduced to 4-scene cameos. The main characters of Wolverine, Victor Creed (never called Sabertooth in the film) and Colonel Stryker are well developed. I was pleasantly surprised by Liev Schriber's performance. The rest of the characters are tossed to the wayside to make way for the all important eye-candy. Wolverine's character is fully developed after 30-minutes, as is Sabertooth, though Victor does pull off some surprises late in the film.

The "final boss" of the film is a twisted and perverse adaptation of the original character and barely gets any development to show just why he is the way he is. The filmmakers obviously felt that all they really needed to do was create a bad ass character who could do anything they wanted and slapped on the name of a popular character.

Written by Krazyzark


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The Invention of Lying

A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain.

Rating 6.4/10


In a world where everyone must tell the truth, one man after being fired and almost evicted is pushed to the limits. His brain does something abnormal, he tells a lie. Not just any lie, the world's first lie. Since no one in this universe has ever heard a lie before, they take it as fact. Now this man has the world at his feet.

It is a clever concept, a clever and more massive spin on Liar Liar, yet that might not be such a good thing. The premise of this film is funny, but it becomes too much of itself and is tiresome after a while. The joke goes on and on, he tells lies, people believe him. In one scene a lie gets him in too deep to dig himself back up and that's where the conflict in this film comes in. Yet one can ask themselves a simple question, why not just lie his way out of it, instead of digging deeper holes.

Gervais is at the lead again, after his feel good comedy Ghost Town, which people decided to skip. This time around he's also behind the camera, yet nothing technical about this film pops out, it plays out like an average comedy, relying on it's one concept. The one concept gets some laughs here and there, but there are never any really laugh out loud moments.

The film has some emotional scenes, that influence the rest of the film. The comedy kind of takes a second step to the theme of religion. Some people may find this irritating. Jennifer Garner plays the romantic lead, who finds Gervais fat and with a stubby nose, not a good match genetically for a marriage and children. Yet they form a friendship, one in which Gervais hopes will blossom into something more. Does it? Well, how do romantic comedies usually work out? Here the outcome doesn't seem too believable. Things happens and people react without really knowing why, this leaves little for character arc.

How do people live in a world with no lies? Well, when you want to watch a film, you go to the theatre. In that theatre you'll see a guy sitting in a chair reciting history. Since, movies are mostly fiction, no one can make one, cause it would be a lie. See where this film goes? A retirement home becomes "A place where old people go to die", so on and so on.

The film does have some really funny cameos. It's mostly the usual comedy round, but there is at least one in which I was so caught off guard that I just couldn't help but laugh. Look out for a cop. Jonah Hill and Louis C.K. play two supporting character, neither are funny.

The film is funny, but not enough to warrant a theatre viewing. This has rental written all over it. It simply cannot stand on it's concept for too long, because it becomes a bit dull. If it were a short, I could enjoy it more.

Written by Matt_Layden


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A writer discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities.

Rating 7.3/10


I was skeptical at first about this movie, which is why I didn't go see it the week that it came out. I just figured it was all too obvious what would happen and to be honest some of that did happen yet they did the expected so well that it really didn't seem to make a big difference that I saw it coming a mile off. Which made the things that you didn't expect even better. I enjoyed this movie so much that I would do the unthinkable that I've done only once in all of my years, and that is pay to see it again at the theater. I may even buy a copy of it when it comes out on Blu Ray. THAT's how good this is. The acting was superb and what I enjoyed most is that finally someone knows how to end a movie. BRAVO

Written by nabysdad-16-363997


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New Moon

Edward leaves Bella after an attack that nearly claimed her life, and in her depression she falls into yet another paranormal relationship- this time with werewolf Jacob Black.

Rating 4.5/10


Well, my lovely lady wife has been waiting for this movie since Twilight, and is a huge fan of the books, I thought I would keep her company. We saw the Twilight when it first came out, and I wasn't really impressed with that, so though, hey ho, go in with low expectations and hopefully I would be surprised.

The only problem was, I don't think I could have expected less and still been as bored as I was.

When in the theatre I was probably the oldest male at 37, apart from some dads that had been brought along by their kids, and several boyfriends, which is fair as I guess the film is aimed at the younger ladies than us old folks.

So, we sat down and I waited for anything to happen, well anything really. There was no chemistry at all between the leading actors, just a dull numbness which left me bored, I really don't know how Kristen Stewart got the role as she's possibly the most boring actress around and added nothing to the film at all, unless I guess she was just asked to play a spoilt brat with no brain.

I thought, maybe there is some suspense? Nope, none of that either. Bella does a very good job of not really showing any emotion either way and where in Twilight you there was at least a couple of times it made you think "something good might happen" there wasn't really a single moment in this film that stood out, although I was at some point expecting to see the teleprompter which some of the actors looked like they might have been using, so wooden was the performance.

It's a shame really that the other film I have seen recently "UP" you feel more attachment to the characters in that, than you do to the actors in this.

Yes, the CGI was good, the Wolves were pretty great. But like in 2012, throw a lot of money at CGI and be amazed, but that's about it. There so many little bits of story that really didn't seem to do anything, it really reminded me of another film directed by this lovely director, Golden Compass anyone?? All in all, pretty much a letdown, and that's with low expectations, if felt like just another suck on the wallet by Hollywood to our pockets.

If you are thinking of this film, and really if you read most of the reviews on this site I can't imagine why, wait until it comes onto DVD. Rent it for £1 and you can get a couple of cheap laughs at the acting, and for the ladies, buff men, apart from that give it a miss.

Written by roy-583-453250


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Due Date

High-strung father-to-be Peter Highman is forced to hitch a ride with aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay on a road trip in order to make it to his child's birth on time.

Rating 6.6/10


If there was one downside to come out of director Todd Phillips' magnum opus The Hangover, it's that every film he would lend his name to in the future would inevitably be compared to it, and it's fair to say Due Date comes up short in that regard. Saying that, the film has its strengths and the cast delivers an above-average final product, but it does little to stand out amongst almost most other comedies released in the last decade.

Downey Jnr. plays highly-strung expectant father Peter Highman, whose confrontation with Galifianakis' Ethan Tremblay at the airport results in both men being placed on a no-fly list. With no identification or cash to his name, Peter has no choice but to hitch a ride with Ethan if he wants to get to Los Angeles in time for the birth of his child. Ethan, meanwhile, has plans of making it big in Hollywood as a recurring character on Two And A Half Men, thus fulfilling his lifelong dream.

It almost goes without saying that this film would fall flat if chemistry between the two leads was lacking. Thankfully, both Downey Jnr. and Galifianakis, two of the more comically capable actors of their generation, do a respectable job with their characters. Ethan is particularly well crafted as an individual both physically and verbally funny, but at the same time one who harbours a deep emotional emptiness due to an innate need to make his late father proud of him.

Due Date must have felt like a reunion of sorts for Downey Jnr., who appears alongside three former co-stars in Michelle Monaghan (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Jamie Foxx (The Soloist) and my favourite actress Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers). The first two fill their roles to satisfaction, but I was disappointed with how Lewis was used. Portraying a drug dealer supplying Ethan, who uses marijuana to 'deal with his glaucoma', her role is disappointingly minor, especially considering rumours that her character was meant to be an extension of Heidi from Old School, an earlier, and very funny, Phillips comedy.

For the most part, the film operates as a road trip comedy with a simple plot, which allows it to deviate from the story frequently to deliver humorous set pieces not at all relevant to the final scene. The best example is an escape plan hatched by Ethan to break Peter out of a detention centre when he is suspected of being an illegal immigrant. Of course, the scene plays out in the most ridiculous fashion, and requires a massive suspension of disbelief. But, pointless as they may be, these gags are tolerable due to the light-hearted context of the film, even if some jokes are hit and miss depending on your taste in humour and sense of political correctness.

More than once, you get the impression that Phillips and the rest of the crew are just going through the motions, putting a slightly new spin on otherwise recycled comedy. Overall, however, Due Date concludes nicely, delivering no more and no less that what should be expected.
Written by Johnny Hollywood


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Fast & Furious 5

Dominic and his crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord and a relentless federal agent.

Rating 7.5/10


"Home sweet home" utters Diesel's beefcake criminal Dom Toretto to Walker's baby-faced ex-cop Brian O'Conner as they sit in Toretto's souped up muscle car ready to race along the streets of Rio de Janeiro. There's more than a hint of irony in this; fans of the Fast franchise will know exactly what Dom means. The sequels spawned from the highly successful first film have been a mixed bag appealing to different tastes. Some have been mildly entertaining in their own way, but the one major issue they've all shared is a lack of recurring characters and follow-on narratives. 2009's Fast & Furious partially rectified that by having the main four from the original movie return, but it's this fifth entry that really starts to bring the whole series together.

There's supporting characters from every instalment featured here –Matt Schulze's Vince from number one; Tyrese's big-mouthed Roman and Ludicrous' Tej from 2 Fast 2 Furious; Sung Kang's charismatic Han from Tokyo Drift; and Gal Gadot's sexy Gisele from F&F – with a post-credits cameo to cap it off. Scribe Chris Morgan has obviously done his homework as, in addition to the 'who's who' line-up of co-stars, there are references to the previous movies (and characters that don't appear) and he introduces subplots that help build on earlier story lines. This integration of the Fast universe, along with the marvellously tongue-in-cheek mood, notches up a level of interest not before seen in the car-crazy franchise.

After taking a new course with Tokyo Drift, and failing to impress with Fast & Furious, filmmaker Justin Lin has well and truly ignited the series with exciting set pieces and lashings of well placed humour. He still struggles to effectively call the shots when exposition (or mere conversation) is required; however he clearly has a handle on shooting the various fast-paced action scenes. There is a spectacular heist of luxury cars aboard a train (with a marvellously ridiculous denouement); a Bourne-esque free-running chase along roof tops; and a bruising hand-to-hand melee between The Rock and big Vin.

Of the major stars, it's Fast newcomer Dwayne Johnson who shines the brightest. His epic bad-ass cop makes Toretto look like an absolute sissy, which is no easy feat. He also boasts many of the film's greatest lines and comes away looking the least corny – something Diesel and Walker are evidently use to by now. The chalk and cheese pairing of the two wannabe action stars brings with it a decent slab of shonky acting. Chrome-domed Diesel is especially silly and unconvincing when required to open his mouth, but he looks good behind the wheel of a car and adds plenty to the unapologetic macho atmosphere.

Thanks to Morgan's decent script, Lin's solid grasp on the action and Johnson's tough-as-nails turn, this latest addition to a franchise that appeared to be running on fumes has just stepped on the gas.
Written by Troy_Campbell


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The Time Travellers Wife

A romantic drama about a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and the complications it creates for his marriage.

Rating 7.1/10


I was a massive fan of the book and had been following the production of this movie for a long time anticipating the release date. I had set my expectations pretty low so as to not be disappointed and decided to just enjoy the film for what it was.

I was overjoyed by how true to the book the film stayed, only varying in a few unimportant places, the film dared to be as heart breaking and sad as the book and did not feel the need to justify the logistics of the time travel instead choosing to summarise it in the first scene.(People who feel this was not explained do not have the imagination needed to fully enjoy this film).

The ageing of Eric Bana's character was seamless and it was easy to tell whether he was a younger or older version of Henry and Rachel McAdams brought out the inner frustrations of Claire's character with a great sensitivity showing the difficulties of the relationship.

Overall, this film was not a let down to a lover of the book, I enjoyed it as an extension of the story of Henry and Claire and found the emotions real and well developed. A definite must-see for all fans and those who haven't read the book but who just enjoy a good love story!

Written by lyds-2


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An epic adventure about a global cataclysm that brings an end to the world and tells of the heroic struggle of the survivors.

Rating 5.8 / 10


There is now a long, grand history of disaster films in Hollywood. The best of the lot have combined suspense with cutting-edge effects to keep your adrenaline pumping. The worst combine cheesy CGI with shallow characters whose deaths won't affect you much.

Here's 2012, summed up: Look, some recognizable landmark! Kablam! Look, a giant wave! Wooo! Do our intrepid Good Guys have enough time to outrun the imploding planet and foil a plot to save only the pretty, rich people? Probably! It's pretty clear what happened to bring us to this point. Roland Emmerich, who's made such cinematic classics as Independence Day, The Patriot, Godzilla, and The Day after Tomorrow, was asked if he wanted a quintillion billion bazillion dollars to make a movie about the end of the world, and he said sure. Then he took parts of each movie's script, filmed them mostly with CGI, and pocketed the rest. Viola! Greatest movie! (A quick break to sum up the plot. Apparently, the sun and the planets have all aligned with the center of the galaxy, which winds up causing the Earth's crust to break up, which then causes the tectonic plates to shift. Mass hysteria! Dogs and cats, living together! The End.) See, there are two ways Emmerich could have gone with this movie. He could have given us characters to follow whom we cared a little about, thus involving us in their plights, and mixed in some convincing special effects. Or he could have said, "The heck with the characters, give me blowy-uppy thingys." This sometimes works: See Independence Day, a movie that made me feel pretty good when I left the theater after seeing it but that ultimately, frankly, was pretty bad.

Emmerich chose the latter. Which would have been fine, but the effects themselves are wildly unrealistic and often take so long to set up that you completely notice how godawful they really are. For example – and if you've seen the trailer, this is in there – there's a scene in which the Sistine Chapel falls, crushing thousands of spectators. Because the toppling is so slow to complete, it becomes painfully obvious that it's just a film running on a screen behind people running away. Sad and unintentionally hilarious.

And you can forget about the plot, really, because most of it makes no sense anyway and would happen only in a Big Movie like this. Of COURSE John Cusack is divorced from his hot, bitchy wife (Amanda Peet) and of COURSE she's hooking up with a plastic surgeon who of COURSE winds up having had some flying lessons that of COURSE will save them all and of COURSE Cusack's young son will somehow save the day as well and of COURSE there is a Russian businessman who used to be a boxing legend and of COURSE he punches someone out. And of COURSE people say "My God!" a lot, because that's what people do in crappy disaster films. And of COURSE the president is black, because in Hollywood black people get to be president only if disaster is a-coming.

At least the acting isn't horrible. Because everyone just runs from place to place in an effort to escape the horror, there aren't any subtle, low-key scenes that would allow good actors to flourish. Cusack is good in general, but what the heck is he doing in here? He's usually so good at picking projects, and he chose this? Willingly? Oliver Platt plays the kind of role that Bruce McGill typically gets, the hamhanded, I'm-in-charge, Al-Haig-like politician. I can't even remember his title. Danny Glover gets to be president and does get the best dialog in the film, even if his role isn't a big one. Woody Harrelson, as a crazed DJ deep in Yellowstone is also a lot of fun, although he's not the kind of guy you'd want to sit next to on a transatlantic flight.

Final verdict: Yikes. Yikes, yikes, and yikes. If you dare watch this travesty, you might find yourself laughing hysterically at things – and this is important – that were not meant to be funny. If that's your thing, this is your movie. I managed to see this as a matinée, so I'm not out the $10-$15 that some people are right now, so at least I got that going for me. Best advice: Watch it for free at home on a big-screen TV to fully appreciate the magnitude of suck.

Written by Dan Franzen (dfranzen70)


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A rag doll that awakens in a post-apocalyptic future holds the key to humanity's salvation.

Rating 7/10


I come from the school of early Tim Burton, and Jim Henson- two of my cinema deities from my earliest memories- and this is the first time in a long time that anyone has managed to touch on that magic for me.

I'll do my best to convey what a fantastic movie this is, without really revealing too much of the plot- because I think that this movie is best experienced not really knowing anything. You come in the same way the main character does- not knowing anything of this world.

While sitting in the theater, I recalled memories of the intensity and heart of "my first movies" such as E.T., The Secret of Nymh, The Dark Crystal, and Edward Scissorhands- movies that touched upon something that was at once so rooted in human emotion yet so fantastic and unimaginable. I can absolutely say that "9" is now considered one in that catalog of visionary and hallowed movies.

Guaranteed some will have a complaint with the length (a seemingly short 79 minutes considering the scale and impact of the story) but I think that a movie can be an epic without needing to be over 2 hours long, or a HUGE amount of unnecessary back story and origins that's only purpose is to make the story SEEM grandiose. This movie is a complete work of art- from the obviously eye-catching visual style and composition of what you see, down to the basic story and character development that you feel. In 79 minutes this team managed to harness my imagination and senses without having to dumb-it-down for the audience, or use any of the old gags that many bigger studios seem to rely on to sell tickets (thankfully there are NO cheesy gross out jokes to appeal to a typical cable-fed attention span). Instead they took me to places that I had never thought of, but will never forget. My most respectful nod to everyone involved.

Absolutely do not miss this one.

Written by jawbreaker18


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Pirates of the carribean, on stranger tides.

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

Rating 6.8/10


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is one of my favorite television shows, even though its gone a bit downhill lately. Is it the cast? No, because they are mostly intact. What is actually happening is that each of the main characters, known for their superb chemistry amongst each other, are suddenly spending less screen time with each other and more time to themselves. This story actually has a point. On Stranger Tides suffers the same fate: fantastic cast that don't spend as much time with each other as we hope. Add some pointless plot lines, a calmer first-third of the flick, and you have yourself the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

That being said, its still quite entertaining. On Stranger Tides follows a variety of people searching for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Unfortunately for us, its not just Jack Sparrow. We have Blackbeard, the Spanish, the British (led by Barbossa), Angelica, and more doing the same thing. Subplots pertaining to this quest include Jack's past with Angelica, Barbossa's questionable change in character, some random guy falling for some random girl (I am serious, this part was totally pointless), and the pointless Spanish people that flock in and out of the movie.

This is by far the weakest part of the movie, the script. For some odd reason, they borrowed far too much from the novel (whose pacing and themes far differ that of the Pirates brand) and forgot that sometimes simplicity is best---which is what made Curse of the Black Pearl such a great film. It was the easiest to follow, and On Stranger Tides didn't learn from the previous two installments. To add to that, the script utterly separated everyone, even those with the best on-screen chemistry. Barbossa was barely with Jack Sparrow, Sparrow was rarely with his ex-lover, and worst of all reliable Gibbs spent minimal time with Sparrow. When they are together, the humor, the banter, tension, and the charm works well. When they aren't, well, the movie drags a bit.

Thank goodness the cast is still on their game. Johnny Depp once again breathes life into the pirate movie with his smart, unpredictable, and hilarious portrayal of Jack Sparrow. Despite what the reviews say, Jack Sparrow's shtick isn't getting old as he is still a delight to watch. Geoffrey Rush once again shines as Jack's best rival Barbossa, as his quiet intentions resemble that of Sparrow in earlier films. Penelope Cruz adds a layer of sexuality that we definitely did not have with the other Pirates of the Caribbeans--it's just a shame she didn't have much time with Sparrow. Director Rob Marshall was able to shell out good performances from everyone in the cast, but he definitely wasn't the man for this job.

Almost all the chase scenes or action sequences were done with very low-lighting and poor camera angles. With the exception of the mesmerizing and chilling mermaid sequence and the opening chase, all the action moments were missing that special touch. While the bizarreness of Gore Verbinski will not be totally missed (although his style worked perfectly in Rango), his ability to crank out excellent stuntwork and fights was sorely missing here. At least we got to see plenty of it, from the opening chase to the final dramatic (and short) showdown. Say whatever you want, but there has yet to be anything that can top the infamous three-way sword fight/old mill showdown from Dead Man's Chest.

Bottom Line: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a mix of frustration and fun. There was plenty of potential that wasn't met because of questionable plot lines, pointless moments, lack of chemistry (once again: writer's fault. Good going Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio), and uneven direction. All that banter aside, Pirates is also plenty fun with several delightful moments, funny lines, and much more action than the last Pirates flick. Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and company keep the movie afloat, and prevent it from being a pure bore. But I think the franchise works better when Verbinski is behind the camera. On Stranger Tides is decent summer entertainment, but doesn't have the inescapable magic and charm of the first two.

Written by by diac228 (


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Paranormal activity

Rating - 8/10


PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is THE most popular movie of the year and will ultimately be regarded as one of the best horror movies of all time. Therefore, PA has warranted a HUGE debate on whether it sucks or not.

Under this pretense, I have divided this review into 3 sections: 1 for the things in the movie that work, 1 for the things that don't, and 1 for the summation.

******THE GOOD******************************

1. Originality - not a cheap knockoff or a member of Hollywood's non-stop horror remake/reboot wave. That is a game winner right there! Comparable to the Blair Witch Project, PA has received a lot of flack as being a rip off of BWP. Taken into consideration, the film's only real similarity to BWP is the use of home camera/1st person footage, and non-professionals inducing reactions from the supernatural world. That said, you have to answer yourself a question: Would you rather see another Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, or a completely original off-BWP type film?

2. Suspense and Tension - the film does not rely on cheap scares and loud noises deafening you to induce the desire reaction of fear. Nor does it have the smallest fraction of gore/sex/exploitation compared to most of today's horror movies. If you prefer horror movies that usually don't stick with you and follow you out of the theater, then skip it by all means. The film gives you a few inches, and leaves your imagination to finish the mile.

A suggestion on viewing the film: If you want to get the most out of Paranormal Activity, then DO NOT see it in the local theater on a Friday night. We all know what happens when you are in a theater with middle and high school kids during a horror movie. To fully immerse yourself in the movie, see it with your significant other, by yourself, or with just a couple of friends at a time when the theater is the least crowded. Try to see it at night, or at home in the dark. This film invades the sanctity of one's bedroom, and the old tactic of pulling the covers over your head doesn't work.

3. Special Effects - even on a small budget, the film provides some very impacting scenery. Some effects are blatantly obvious, and some of the best effects are actually the most subtle.

4. Acting - the movie is well acted considering it is full of unknowns. The characters are not obnoxious like most horror movie protagonists. They appear genuine and very convincing in most of the film. But in some scenes, not so much. More below.

5. Plot - there is a pleasant (oxymoron) surprise with the direction the film went regarding the source of the phenomena. It's not your typical ghost or haunted house story. I will not embellish on this as it will spoil the movie for those who haven't or are deciding to see the movie.

******THE NOT SO GOOD***********************

1. Writing - this is actually a 50/50 split. The 'supernatural' scenes are very convincing considering the subject matter, whether scripted or improvised. However, the dialog and character motivation/action during the 'down time' is unrealistic at times. This is a large complaint by those who didn't like the movie. Although the film is a large departure from teen filled slasher movies, the characters at times seem to be just as brainless as the teens getting whacked by Jason. There is a lot of "WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST....?" scenes in the movie.

2. Acting - like the writing, the acting seems to suffer in the 'down time'. Fortunately, during the important (scary) scenes, the acting is spot-on, and very convincing. However, you might be taken out of the movie when the protagonists are interacting with each other during the in-between scenes, and the authenticity of their relationship is questionable in some parts.

3. Scenery - granted that the whole movie is filmed in or on the characters' house, the static viewpoint of the camera gets a little boring. With all the phenomena going on, it would have been refreshing to see things from a different angle, especially in the bedroom. Fortunately, this doesn't hinder the movie, just a minor complaint.

******AS A HORROR FAN***********************

Follow the suggestions above regarding with who, where and how to watch the movie. Seen under the right circumstances, and with the right state of mind, the film can be very effective, and having you looking over your shoulder when you turn out all the lights in the house, and crawl into bed. For this reason, I fully endorse this movie as a new member of the horror family. Fresh and original, the movie deserves all of the attention it is getting.

Let this be a glaring message to Hollywood that originality is still the craved for in the movie industry. Horror fans have grown tired of having their favorite classics butchered and pointlessly remade. Directors and producers do not deserve revenue for just upping the violence and sexual gratification of old horror movies.

The film's success is also a great indication that as a population, movie goers respond better to thought provocative subjects than mindless in-your-face cannon fodder. It relieves me to some degree to see that tension-fear based horror movies still have the chance to take the cake. Especially on such a small budget.

Well Done, producers, directors, and actors. 8/10

Written by Zombafyed (Miami, Florida)



Gino's Caesar Salad with Grilled Prawn Skewer

The first recipe for our blog would be an all time favourtie, Caesar Salad! :) I thought of starting off easy and as time goes, I would share more complex recipes that you can try :)

Today Caesar Salad is by Gino D'Acampo but instead of using grilled chicken, he has replaced it with grilled prawns and F.Y.I it is to die for! :)

So here's the recipe:

No caesar salad is complete with crusty croutons (fried cubes of bread):

4              thick slices bread
3-4 tbsp   olive oil

Method: heat the oil on a pan and fry the bread till crispy BUT NOT burn :) don't want any bitter taste in the salad :) OR you can coat the cubes of bread in olive oil, put in on a baking tray and in the oven at 150C or 300F for about 5-10mins till crispy.

Now the dressing of the salad:

80g           Parmesan cheese
2              egg yolks
1/2tsp       Dijon mustard
3 cloves    garlic
4-6           fresh anchovy fillet
200ml       olive oil
2 tbsp       white wine vinegar
1/2            lime, juice only
salt & pepper to taste

Method: Blend all ingredients together. Taste as you go and feel free to adjust the recipe to suit your taste buds :) Besides, you can also adjust the viscosity of the dressing, either by adding more cheese or lesser olive oil.

Grilled prawn skewers:

5-7          wooden skewer, soaked in water
18-20      large King Prawns, head off and vein peeled

Prawn Marination:

olive oil
lemon juice
handful chopped parley
salt & pepper to taste

Method: Mixed marination together in a bowl. Then, preheat the grill or a griddle pan. Placed 3-4 prawns on each skewer depending on the size of the prawns. Then, generously brush each skewer with the marination. After that, place the prawn skewers on the preheated griddle pan and cook for 1-2 mins on each side while basting the prawns with the marinade as you go.


300g      Romaine Lettuce (roughly chopped)
Handful of cherry tomatoes

Method: Prepare in a large bowl of roughly chopped Romaine Lettuce and cherry tomatoes with the prepared croutons and pour in the dressing. Mixed till all is covered with the dressing. Sprinkle some shaved parmesan or chopped bacon for garnish.

And finally, when the prawns skewers are done, serve it together with the salad.

You can get the full recipe on this sites:

Till the next recipe, bon appetite! :)


Do You Come Here Often by Alexandra Potter

Here's another book i've read, it's called Do You Come Here Often? by Alexandra Potter :) I enjoyed every part of it, from the start, to the ups and downs of each character, the plot, the twist and the end is all magical...ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL!!! So what could be more better than to share it with YOU :)

This is the synopsis on the cover:

Grace got her heart broken by Jimi when they where teenager and now she's happily engaged to her fiance Spencer. However, that is all there is to it. No wedding bells yet. On the other side, Jimi's own wedding day is coming and he has found the one but something doesn't feel right after he has bump into Grace again.

It seems like there could be something more going on between their relationship. But the question is, is it worth risking everything they have?

This story to me it's about, friendship, true love and faith. The story is written very well to the point that i could feel all the characters' feelings and somehow more in the main character that is, Grace.

I followed her every step of the way. From her childhood, to her adult life, to her disappointments, her happiness, her hurt, her achievement and lastly of course, being loved. (don't get me wrong, :) it's not draggy, it's written in such a way you feel like you've known the characters your whole life) This book is definitely a page turner. I had moments having a smile on my face when Grace is happy and also moments of troubled, worried, sad, disappointment and hurt.

This story also tells me about faith, that whatever that is going to happen, WILL happen! You would just know it when you meet the right person, no doubt about it. But gotta remember, timing is everything and if you missed it, you are DEAD lucky if you had a second chance. And if you do, DON'T SCREW IT UP! That's what happen in this story. I don't wanna give the whole thing away but it's a nice and enjoyable book to read :) (if you like romance and you believe in soul mates) ;)

Happy reading :)


A Night with the Society Playboy, Ally Blake

Out of all the birthday pressies Simon gave me (romance novels and some other stuffs ;) just for me to know) , i've read one of it. It's called A Night With The Society Playboy by Ally Blake :)

It's a new author am trying out and she writes beautifully :) i could feel every breath, every touch, every sense the characters in the novel are feeling :) the hurt, the love, the happiness, the determination, you name it, i felt it in this novel :) well with the help of my crazy imagination too :) (lol if you do know me, i can imagine things pretty well and quickly, if you describe something, my brain would just go click, click click!)

Anyway, what am trying to say is is a good book :) provided you like romance novels that is :p I was hooked from the first page itself :) and the ending was *sigh* it made me cry :) lol not every romance novel can do that to me, even with my crazy imagination :p but this...she (the author ofcourse) ended the novel beautifully :)

Well, before i keep going on and on about it :) let me tell you what the novel is about so you can decide if the story is your kinda romance story :D (lol :) everyone has a type, including the type of romance story you like :) ) So here it is:

Its about this girl, Ava and this boy, Caleb. (lol ofcourse its a girl and boy, who else could it be? :p lol) anyway, they both grew up together as teenagers :) And in one night, their friendship got more than that :) but Ava has to leave to persue her dreams the next day. Caleb tried to stopped her or atleast tried to convince her to stay but he went home alone as the distance between them grew and grew. That's right, she left.

10 years later, she came back to attend her brother, Damien's wedding. Now here's where things start to get exciting :) Caleb is Damien's best friend and bestman too, the both met each other and caught up with each other's life again, after 10 years! :) Even after all those years, Caleb still wants her and maybe loves her and she still wants him...but when its time for Ava to leave again, will Caleb be able to make her stay or will he lose her all over again?... :)

Well i don't wanna spoil the story for you :) Have a read and you know, i've paste the link below if you wish you give it a read :) if it can make me smile, cry or atleast inspired to write about it in my blog, it means this book is something ;) Should give it a chance and read it :) and then get back to me on what you think :)

Till then, happy reading :)

E-book link:


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